Freedom, baby!!!


Being outdoors, experiencing nature, being spontaneous, feeling all four seasons in the woods, on the beach and in the mountains: this is important for children - and for their parents. The right equipment helps them to continue to go on tours, to be outside and to enjoy nature. Outdoor enthusiasm does not end with the first child.
Hike Kid owner Johannes Bahle, in any case, is one who combines the passion for being outdoors with that for his son. He is a product developer and creator of Hike Kid. Each of his personal experiences flows directly into the continuous improvement of the all-terrain Hike Kid off-road prams.


When my wife pronounced the sentence, "I am pregnant", I sank into my seat with a weight of tons. I tried to put on my best smile while the next twenty years of my life were covered in dark fog before my mind's eye. Two days earlier, on the top of a mountain, I had told her that I didn't want to have children after all and would rather go hiking through life with her, especially as I had not been able to get pregnant before.
Had this decision made me even easier, I now seemed to be looking into a deep hole.
What I couldn't know at that time was: Everything turned out differently.

"I never dreamed that I would become an enthusiastic dad - and then also a full-time pram builder".

Johannes Bahle


The enthusiasm for my son grew from day to day from the moment he was born. Actually, hardly anything bothered me - neither the stinking diapers nor the roaring. To have a dwarf take away most of my bed - as a gift. Four-hour nights with lack of sleep are something my body knows from party times.
But to do without hiking and not experience adventures in nature with my son? That wasn't possible at all. A vehicle suitable for off-road use was needed. But the view of the offer was sobering. My name would have to be Schwarzenegger to push such prams up a mountain. Fortunately, a tip led us to a small pram manufacturer in Rosenheim. When I saw Martin Fernengel's invention, the Gogo Kid, for the first time, I was thrilled. With every day we pulled the new pram over hill and dale, I was more certain: this is it: We have our freedom again. And there must have been more parents who wanted the same thing.
I spoke to Martin Fernengel about a possible takeover of the rights to his invention. After his positive decision, I changed the product name to Hike Kid, left my beloved job as an instructor for technical product designers in the automotive sector behind and founded Hike Instinct GmbH.
Martin had invented the Hike (then Gogo Kid) in 1999 and brought it to series production in 2002. Until 2019 it was only known to insiders through hearsay. I wanted to change that and make it available to other outdoor enthusiasts who have the same "child transport problem" as we had back then.

Love at second glance

My first thought when I saw the Hike Kid was, "what is that?" I couldn't share Johannes's enthusiasm right away. But I was convinced by a demonstration of the inventor Martin, when he manoeuvred the Hike Kid over all possible obstacles without any effort.
That made sense to me: Through my first child I had already had painful experiences with different prams. One was already impossible to push on cobblestones. The second one seemed big enough for uneven roads, but was cumbersome to manoeuvre. The effort of driving the monster over kerbs still remains in my memory.

"The Hike means freedom to me. Because I don't have to worry about my activities anymore. I just do them. Together with my child."

Silke Bahle


With these negative experiences in the background and the convincing demonstration of Martin, I decided to give this sports stroller a chance. And lo and behold: the Hike Kid turned out to be a versatile companion for the parents' everyday life and works as well while hiking as in the city. Curbs, rough pavement and small stairs are no longer a problem thanks to the large pneumatic tyres and the low weight. It is possible for me to carry him (even folded out) alone into the car.
I no longer feel constantly hindered by a bulky, immobile pram. I don't even think about whether I can get anywhere well with the pram - I just walk.


Made in Germany

In our small workshop in Rosenheim, Upper Bavaria, the Hike Kid is developed, assembled and tested. We obtain all individual parts from our production partners and rely on their many years of expertise. All injection moulded parts including rims and brakes are produced at Weber Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Eggstätt in Chiemgau. We purchase our frame components from Weber Technik GmbH. Weber Kunststofftechnik GmbH and Weber Technik GmbH are family businesses. They are well known for their bicycle trailers and especially for their Weber trailer coupling.

"The activities in which the Hike Kid is used require high-quality materials, technical know-how and experience in outdoor use with children. That's why we produce and develop it ourselves and work together with selected experts."

Johannes Bahle


The materials: only the finest.
The heart of the Hike Kid is probably the seat. The Rosenheim car upholstery company Zieglmaier convinces with its precise work and manufactures seats, the sun canopy, the rain cover and the utensil net for us all.
Model GAMS:
For the seat and the sun canopy of the Hike Kid Gam we use a polyester fabric made in Germany. Here we purchase from the company C.F. Weber GmbH in Spitzkunnersdorf, Saxony.



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Hike Kid Outdoorkinderwagen mit Merinositz
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